Friday, September 25, 2009


Sisters are different. They heard the sobbing in the darkness.
They lived through all your triumphs, all your favourites, all your loves and losses.
They have no delusions. They lived with you too long.
And so, when you achieve some victory, friends are delighted -
but sisters hold your hands in silence and shine with happiness.
For they know the cost. - Pam Brown

Sometimes there are occasions where you know that it will be impossible to find a card that really says what you want it to say. And maybe you find one thats almost close, but there's some tacky hand-painted image on the front of a waterfall or something! When you need a special card that says something personal or you'd like to have a unique, symbolic artwork on the cover, then order a custom-made design from pep+coddle...

Brief: Two sisters having shared a miraculous event together now have an unbreakable bond between them. The joyous birth of another son/nephew, after a previous traumatic experience only years earlier.

Outcome: Sisters are essentially the same at heart, but different on the outside, so different papers were used for the babushka doll sillhouettes (babushka dolls representing family ties), but the same papers were used for the hearts. 2 hearts were shown to represent that each of them are within each other's hearts - 1 bigger/older and 1 smaller/younger. A silver wire connects the 2 hearts adorned with 4 crystals to represent the 4 nieces and nephews between the sisters (3 clear ones for the nephews and 1 pink crystal  for the niece).

Forty Shmorty! Who wants to be serious on their 40th birthday?! Here is a fun, funky, and of course personalised 40th birthday card. Personalised by NAME in Platinum ink and AGE (“forty shmorty” shown here) in Black. Subtle yellow patterned paper set behind coloured polka dot transluscent paper. All hallmark ages available such as Thirty Shmirty, Fifty Shmifty, Sixty Shmixty etc!